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iPhones record your grandma's birthday.
We create 
stories for impact.


an account, of imaginary or real people and events, that provokes emotion in an audience.

We Craft the Narrative

Preparing stories for video calls for unique skills that blend creativity with logistical efficiency. If this isn't your expertise, it can make you want to scream and hold your breath at the same time. Don't do that. From concept development to talent casting, we assist during pre-production, ensuring your video tells the perfect story.

How We Film Stories That Aren't Boring

“I've been on set with Emmy and Golden Globe winners, and production teams that create top-level corporate campaigns - and I've never had a production company that put me at ease the way Visible Horizon Films does. They’ve become the go-to partner for me when I need to execute a high-level vision when the stakes really matter."

- Jamie Campbell - Actor, Writer, Comedian

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Let's Connect

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